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Meet Madam Sudo, Head of New CIBTAC Centre Tesio

Meet Madam Sudo, Head of New CIBTAC Centre Tesio

This week we have been speaking to Masako Sudo at Tesio, one of our new CIBTAC centres in Japan. A familiar face to anyone in the Japanese beauty industry Madam Sudo is passionate about educating the next generation of therapists and promoting the reputation of beauty

How long have you been in the beauty industry?

It has been 48 years since I started in the beauty industry.


How did your career in the industry start off?

I started my career as a hairdresser.


Who inspires you?

Mr. Takahashi, the founder of the Socie World has inspired me throughout my career. He was a role model for me as a technician, a business manager, a business owner and gave me a guidance to what I should be.


What does your role in Tesio involve?

Therapist education, spa consulting, salon business consulting and recruitment business for therapists.


What are the biggest changes that you have noticed in the industry?

In Japan we are currently facing the issue that there are not enough therapists to meet demand. I believe that although there are a lot of professional beauty and massage therapists and their job benefits the whole of society, their work is not properly valued here in Japan and that is one of the reasons for the decreasing number of therapists. 

In comparison to in the past, therapists are now required to be able to communicate in English but not all therapists can speak the language. I believe they should make the effort to learn English, this will give them the chance to travel worldwide and offer them more opportunities in their career.


What is exciting you about the industry at the moment?

It is great that there are more career opportunities and new working styles for therapists these days. Using online apps and social media is helping them to change their way of work. If they can speak English working on a cruise ship can be a wonderful opportunity. I keep educating therapists on these new working styles so Japanese therapists can find out about chances that they did not know about and have the possibility of working internationally. I want to develop therapists who will become a role models in the industry. I want to keep sharing information on opportunities and dreams like becoming a cruise ship therapist. 


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