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Qualification changes in 2018

Qualification changes in 2018

As of January 1, 2018, the Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) has officially been replaced by the RQF (Regulated Qualification Framework).
All qualifications are now built on RQF and are subject to these conditions.

It is a requirement from Ofqual (CIBTAC’s UK government regulator) that all awarding organisations (AO’s) remove all references to QCF from their websites, qualification titles and documents by December 31, 2017. While it is not a requirement for our CIBTAC centres we would still advise our centres to try and avoid using the term QCF in their marketing collateral going forward too.

Part of the new RQF is the requirement for all qualifications that will be open to registrations post December 31, 2017, to have TQT (Total Qualification Time) allocated to them.

TQT is comprised of the following two elements:
The number of hours which an AO has assigned to a qualification for Guided Learning (GL or GLH)
The plus all elements of additional study time that a typical learner would need to dedicate to completion of the qualification.

Ofqual defines GLH as: ‘the activity of a Learner in being taught or instructed by – or otherwise participating in education or training under the immediate guidance or supervision of – a Lecturer, Supervisor, Tutor or other appropriate provider of education or training’.This includes ‘the activity of being assessed if the assessment takes place under the immediate guidance or supervision of a Lecturer, Supervisor, Tutor or other appropriate provider of education or training.’ GLH could include class room study as well as remote tuition carried out in real time in the live presence of a tutor, also activities carried out with direct tutor contact such as tutorials and feedback sessions, supervised case study work or supervised work on clients (within a realistic working environment as part of the course) and also assessment as described above.

In addition to GLH, this will include directed home study time, revision, work on assignments, research, unsupervised case study work or practice and portfolio building.

The credit value of a qualification is now defined as 1/10 of the designated TQT for that qualification (so for example a 100 TQT hour qualification would carry 10 credits). The designation of qualification size in terms of ‘award, certificate or diploma’ remains the same in relation to credit value, however it is now based on TQT rather than GLH.

An award is a qualification with less than 13 credits or 130 hours of TQT, a qualification from 13 credits (130 TQT) to 36 credits (360 TQT) is deemed a certificate, and a diploma is a qualification of over 37 credits (370 TQT).



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