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Focusing on the Sector We Know Best 

With 40 years of experience in the world of aesthetics, beauty and complementary therapies, we specialise by offering qualifications in these areas only, with some additional qualifications in teaching, assessing and management that support working in this industry.

At Level 4, the beauty therapist will be entering the world of advanced aesthetics and training in treatments such as laser and IPL.

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CIBTAC offer a wide range of qualifications in beauty therapy services. Our awards generally cover one skill, for those who wish to specialise.

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Complementary therapists provide relaxing treatments at beauty salons and spas and can also find employment within the health services.

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Our teaching qualifications are available at Level 3 and Level 4. The Level 4 qualification is funded (in the UK) when studied at a registered provider.

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About Our Qualifications

All regulated qualifications carry an element of assessment. CIBTAC’s approach to examining our learners is to make these assessments as close to the challenging situations that an employee might face in their search for work, so that our graduates are salon ready and able to succeed, and attractive to employers.

Although we understand that exams can be stressful, once a learner can showcase their practical skills in front of a visiting examiner, they will always be able to rely on this achievement to help in real life trade-test situations, that often arise when being interviewed for a job in the beauty and spa sector. Having passed a CIBTAC exam, employers know that our graduates have measured up against stringent requirements in personal presentation, and to communicate professionally with the examiner during the assessment which are vital skills and attributes for success in the demanding beauty and spa industry.

Internationally Recognised

CIBTAC is regulated as an awarding organisation by OFQUAL, a UK government agency. This means that all our regulated qualifications appear on the UK framework and carry a Level (linking to the level of skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the qualification) that can then be compared with the frameworks of other countries. Our qualifications are also broken down into Awards, Certificates and Diplomas, which relate to the number of hours required to complete each qualification. These words have specific meanings in terms of qualification size that also link into the UK framework. The title of the UK framework has changed from the “QCF” to the “RQF”, and over the course of 2016 and 2017 qualifications are being moved across from one framework to the other, which means that the letters QCF will start to disappear from qualification titles.

Other Recognised Qualifications

CIBTAC also has a range of “bespoke” qualifications which do not appear on the framework. These are respected and insurable industry qualifications that have been in existence for many years, before the start of an education framework in the UK in vocational subjects such as beauty therapy. Over the course of the next year, these will start to be moved across onto the RQF, or phased out because a similar qualification already sits on the framework.

In addition to our own qualifications, CIBTAC endorses training schemes in innovative continuous professional development (CPD) subjects that offer an excellent quality progression opportunity to learn a subject not already offered by CIBTAC or that bring a substantial benefit to the sector. After a comprehensive review of the quality of these courses CIBTAC places its prestigious endorsement mark to the certificates, which are produced by us in our UK head office.

Why Choose CIBTAC?

  • My CIBTAC qualification has proved to be invaluable as any employer knows the standard of my skills before they even meet me. In fact, I was offered 2 jobs on the night of the awards dinner in London – do I need to say anymore?!

  • CIBTAC qualifications are highly recognised in the Beauty Therapy sector, and also by the local Government internationally. High recognition and regards of CIBTAC qualifications are also seen by industry professionals and employers globally as all CIBTAC recognised courses are fully salon-ready with the highest standards and target for qualified therapists.

  • CIBTAC therapists are sought after worldwide and viewed as prestigious, excellent professionals with outstanding skills and knowledge. It sets you apart from the rest, aiding you to excel in your dream career.