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Students given qualification lifeline by CIBTAC after false claims uncovered

Students given qualification lifeline by CIBTAC after false claims uncovered

In early July 2018, we received news that the Avant Garde Make-Up Academy & Studio, based in Drogheda, Ireland was promoting their courses with both BABTAC & CIBTAC accreditation, despite no affiliation with either organisation. At the time, we investigated the matter thoroughly and were distressed to learn that students had taken the courses believing them to be CIBTAC qualifications, paying hefty course fees for the privilege. When news broke of the falsehoods, the students were left with feelings of uncertainty, and in many cases experienced negative ramifications for their jobs and insurance cover.

Our immediate response was to issue a cease & desist letter to the Avant Garde Make-Up Academy & Studio, demanding that they remove all claims of our affiliation from their course materials, certificates, promotional materials and any other use in relation to the courses or school. As the full extent of the false claims was uncovered, we made a further moral decision not to engage with or support Avant Garde in any capacity and to date have had no further correspondence with the school or its employees. At the same time, we set about creating a low-cost solution for students to be assessed for their current practice standards, complete any necessary additional training to meet CIBTAC standards, and to sit formal examinations to achieve legitimate CIBTAC qualifications. All of this has been offered by CIBTAC to students, at a subsidised rate, in partnership with our trusted CIBTAC Centre the International College of Beauty based in Mullingar. It has been done without input from or support of the Avant Garde Make-Up Academy & Studio, with whom we wish no further correspondence.

Now, the story has finally reached a positive conclusion as the first 20 of 42 affected students have undertaken legitimate CIBTAC examinations. The students were each assessed individually to determine their current level of training, given opportunity and training to upskill, and have now sat the final examination with a CIBTAC-appointed, independent examiner, Lynn Gregory, passing to achieve a Certificate in Photographic Make-Up. It is expected that the remaining 22 affected students will sit the examination to achieve a legitimate qualification, in early 2019.

Lesley Blair, Chair, BABTAC & CIBTAC comments “No-one should ever have to experience the realisation that the course they have paid for and trained in is not legitimate, nor have to experience the impact this has on their employment and insurance cover. We were devastated to hear our brand had been used to mislead students, but were absolutely delighted to be able to provide a fast and effective solution to students and I am so incredibly pleased that the first 20 students are qualified for real this time! Thanks must go to Mairin Gallagher at The International School of Beauty in Mullingar for offering to support our students and to the CIBTAC team for helping to make this happen. We wish all the students the very best in their careers as they enjoy CIBTAC qualifications as a great basis for their future training and development.”

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