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CIBTAC Endorsed Centres

CIBTAC offers a quality assured Endorsed Training programme which has been designed in direct response to industry demands to authenticate the excellent education a qualified therapist has received from training, product and equipment providers.

Aspire Skin Academy

Aspire Skin Academy is an educational centre of excellence for all skin specialists. Our philosophy is to support professionals to build and increase their knowledge and understanding of skin resurfacing, enhancing their treatment portfolio with innovative advanced skin treatments with skin health is the key to their business. The academy creates a warm and friendly learning environment where each individual is viewed as a part of a unique family with shared passions and goals.

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Bali Bisa

The Bali International Spa Academy is an award winning spa, massage, wellness and aesthetics school and training center in Sanur, Bali. It offers CIBTAC, CIBTAC Endorsed and its own specially designed programs tailored to the demands of today’s spa goers and wellness enthusiasts.

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Intermed Clinical Ltd

Intermed Clinical Ltd was founded in 2004 by a small team with vast experience of medical lasers dating back to the 1980's. Our expertise includes clinical science and training in technical and biomedical topics. Intermed Clinical Ltd is now part of the Skin Group International Ltd group of companies, which includes registered Medical Practitioners with specialist knowledge of lasers and light sources.

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The HydraFacial CONNECT Certification is a 360 approach to aesthetic education that will provide aesthetic professionals with the knowledge and skills in the industry to advance in their career. The HydraFacial CONNECT Certification is an online, three level self paced course that will not only build your skin health expertise, it will also develop your influencing, selling and marketing skills, making you more valuable to employers.

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Janssen Cosmetics

We focus on training excellence, which is the key to your success. Not only in providing premium treatments but also in confident retailing to your clients, ensuring repeat business for your salon or spa. Our business support solutions are designed to ensure you reach your goals of creating your dream business.

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London Artscom

For more information please contact this centre directly

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Made For Life

The Made for Life Foundation is a registered charity (1138846) was founded in 2008 by Amanda Winwood, MD of Made For Life Organics Skincare Company, to provide holistic support for people diagnosed with and recovering from cancer.

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Mandarin Spa

For more information please contact this centre directly.

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At Proto-Col we are passionate about collagen and its proven ability to enhance the natural ageing process and support overall health and wellbeing. Established in 2003, we believe that to achieve healthier-looking skin, the best approach is to take care from the inside out. Science guides our research and product development, sharing our knowledge through training and education, and developing products that help people smile about how they look and feel, inside and out. At Proto Col we pride ourselves on delivery excellent training, on-going support throughout and up to date marketing to support you and your business. Our training course is designed to educate students on wellness from within.

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Qatar International Beauty Academy (QIBA) Tajmeel was founded by Nama (previously known as Social Development Center (SDC)) in 2009 to provide professional beauty training courses for women in Qatar. Based in Doha, it is the country’s first and only licensed beauty academy.

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The Academy of Clinical Training LTD

At The Academy we are so passionate about helping people reach their potential and follow their dreams. With years of experience in the beauty industry, owning salons and business managing, we know we can help you find success in your career...

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Waxxxx Academy

WAXXXX ACADEMY specialises in providing industry relevant training where there is a steady demand for skilled people. We firmly believe that the WAXXXX ACADEMY learner has the knowledge, the real-world skills as well as the professional and personal qualities to make a difference. We are proud to offer a pathway of courses that guarantees our highly skilled graduates qualifications and skills at an international level as well as excellent employment outcomes and opportunities.Delivering waxing courses since 2011, we offer an extremely well-rounded and practical education, designed to initiate full involvement of all learners.

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Wellness for Cancer

Wellness for Cancer offers both a hands-on and a home study course in Cancer Aware Foundations Massage. The hands-on course is available to therapists with a recognised massage diploma at Level 3. The course is a 2- or 3-day practicum and assessment that provides students with the accreditation needed to provide services to clients touched by cancer. The training is based upon the curriculum and standards set forth by the Society for Oncology Massage in 2008 and adopted globally. This foundational training teaches therapists to feel comfortable conducting a non-medical Cancer Aware client consultation, knowing how to adapt any service for the client, and knowing when to refer to a specialist. The training enables a therapist to see clients currently in medical treatment for cancer, after medical treatment, living with cancer, or nearing end of life.

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Why Choose CIBTAC?


My CIBTAC qualification has proved to be invaluable as any employer knows the standard of my skills before they even meet me. In fact, I was offered 2 jobs on the night of the awards dinner in London – do I need to say anymore?!


CIBTAC qualifications are highly recognised in the Beauty Therapy sector, and also by the local Government internationally. High recognition and regards of CIBTAC qualifications are also seen by industry professionals and employers globally as all CIBTAC recognised courses are fully salon-ready with the highest standards and target for qualified therapists.


CIBTAC therapists are sought after worldwide and viewed as prestigious, excellent professionals with outstanding skills and knowledge. It sets you apart from the rest, aiding you to excel in your dream career.


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