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Teaching at a CIBTAC Accredited Centre

We receive many enquiries on how to become a CIBTAC tutor, and whilst we are not involved in the recruitment of tutors for our centres, we do have a list of requirements for tutors in order for a centre to become CIBTAC accredited. Please see below for more information.

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CIBTAC Teaching Requirements

•   Tutors must have a recognised teaching qualification.
•   Ideally, we would like tutors to have CIBTAC qualifications in the subjects they would like to teach, but if not, then they need to have qualifications from another internationally recognised awarding body.
•   They need to have a minimum of 2 years’ commercial experience before becoming a tutor.
•   You will need to provide a detailed copy of your CV with supporting evidence, qualifications and certificates.

As a valued tutor, we will offer a range of teaching resources to help you deliver the highest standard of teaching to your students. We also offer the opportunity of tutor practical training days on request, to maintain and upgrade your practical teaching skills.

Tutors are provided with range sheets that cover the entire portfolio of evidence representing what the candidate has studied for their chosen course. Whilst ensuring a thorough programme of study, CIBTAC aim to keep Tutor Administration to the absolute minimum.

Why Choose CIBTAC?


My CIBTAC qualification has proved to be invaluable as any employer knows the standard of my skills before they even meet me. In fact, I was offered 2 jobs on the night of the awards dinner in London – do I need to say anymore?!


CIBTAC qualifications are highly recognised in the Beauty Therapy sector, and also by the local Government internationally. High recognition and regards of CIBTAC qualifications are also seen by industry professionals and employers globally as all CIBTAC recognised courses are fully salon-ready with the highest standards and target for qualified therapists.


CIBTAC therapists are sought after worldwide and viewed as prestigious, excellent professionals with outstanding skills and knowledge. It sets you apart from the rest, aiding you to excel in your dream career.


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